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Home Insurance

Finding an insurance coverage has never been this easy, PolicyPro Insurance Agency is here to ensure your home in Texas is safe. We have a variety of options for you to choose from as well as extended coverage available. Our agents are committed to ensuring you get the right coverage for your home. A home insurance policy can protect and replace your belongings, rebuild your home from covered perils, and protect you from liability issues.

Texas Homeowner's Policies

In Texas, most home insurance policies include the following coverage options:

Personal liability

  • This coverage aims to protect you from any lawsuits when someone injures themselves while on your property. If you are found legally responsible for such misfortunes, then the personal liability coverage can help pay for legal fees and medical bills.

Loss of use

  • This policy covers accommodations such as food and housing costs that you will incur if you are relocated because of damage to your home as a result of an insured risk (covered loss).

Personal property

  • This insurance policy covers the furniture, appliances, and clothing in case they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed. A personal property plan can help with replacing the value of your items. For higher priced items such as jewelry, please inform your insurance agent and a special rider may have to be added to your policy.

Having Trouble Insuring Your Home?

  • Are you having trouble insuring your home? You will need to carry out careful calculations before approaching an insurance company to accept you. However, you can avoid all these hurdles by visiting our agency. Every agent in our company will guide you through the steps to secure the right insurance policy for your home.
  • At PolicyPro, we believe in quality. Get in touch with us today by visiting us or give us a call to get a quote. You can also receive a quote on home or auto insurance by using our online rating tool. Reach out to our agents for more information.

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