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Classic Car Insurance

At PolicyPro, we understand how important it is for you to protect your classic car against unforeseen risks. This is why we strive to ensure that residents of Texas have access to the best coverage when it comes to classic car insurance. Here is what we offer you in a bid to help you protect your antique car.

We insure classic cars of all ages

In most cases, whether a classic car will be considered for insurance coverage will depend on the age of the vehicle. To make your work easy when looking for insurance for your collectible auto, we offer classic car insurance for classic cars with an agreed upon value that are 15 years or older. All you will need to do is to bring your vintage car for evaluation before we can create the insurance agreement.

Affordable premiums

With the current economic times, we ensure that you can access quality but affordable insurance services. This is why we will work with you to ensure that we mutually agree on the value of your vintage car. We will then rely on this value to set the premiums you will pay for the auto insurance coverage.

Fast claims process

There is no doubt that your vintage car is a valued investment. In the event of an accident, we will move swiftly to see to it that you get the compensation you deserve within the shortest time possible. Indeed, our aim at PolicyPro is to offer you the peace of mind you desire.

Insurance that meets your needs

Regardless of your unique circumstances, we will have the right coverage to meet your needs. Whether your vehicle is undergoing restoration or you would like a package that offers coverage for spare parts, we will protect you against potential financial risks.

If you would like to learn more about classic car insurance or want to discuss a new policy, kindly reach out to us. Our friendly staff in Texas will be happy to serve you and guide you through the process of identifying the right product for you.

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