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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/watercraft insurance makes you feel safe and secure while out having fun on the water. Texas has many rivers and lakes, and a lot of water on the Gulf Coast for boaters to enjoy their watercraft. At PolicyPro, we take pride being among the most trusted boat and watercraft insurance providers.

You cannot ignore the different risks you are likely to face when out with your boat. However, you don't need to worry when someone else can take care of you. We purpose to protect you from losses resulting from such uncertainties. Here are some of the things that our boat and watercraft insurance coverage take care of:

  • Weather damage
  • Transportation issues
  • Liability
  • Collisions

Some boats are more valuable or are designed for different activities. If you own one, you may be subjected to various underwriting guidelines. PolicyPro agents will advise on what you need in a policy and can answer your questions regarding your vessel.

Apart from weather perils, your vessel can be vandalized, destroyed, or stolen. Your boat can also hit another person’s watercraft. Liability insurance ensures you are safe from lawsuit claims.

Legal Requirement on watercraft insurance

Insuring a boat is not compulsory in Texas, but it is highly recommended. Most lenders who fund watercraft buyers make insurance a mandatory requirement. It protects the lender against risks such as loss or damage. Marinas may also ask for proof of watercraft insurance for you to dock.

Protect Your Watercraft or Boat Today

PolicyPro is the insurance provider to talk to when looking for a high-quality coverage for your boat or watercraft. Nothing gives you peace like spending some time in the open water. You can relax safely and forget the daily tolls of life. Please give us a call or visit our offices to get a quote and learn how to start a policy.

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